Lots 'A' Cluckin' Farm

"Heritage Bred"

Here are a few examples of our breeding stock! These are all our birds that we either owned or currently owned and have produced offspring that we have used or are currently using for breeding purposes. 

Each spring, starting around the 1st of February we start collecting eggs to hatch. Soon after we being offering eggs for sell that we can package them in a Priority mail box and ship right to your front door! We use a very effective method to shipping our eggs that involves LOTS of bubble warp, paper towels and packing peanuts. We have been using this shipping method for over 3 years now and there is very rarely a broken egg by the time it reaches its destination. 

I check fertility to make sure the roosters are doing their jobs but there is no way for me to guarantee fertility for each egg. Shipping can be a risk and most say that you are lucky if you get a 50% hatch rate from shipped eggs but from the 3+ years that I have been shipping eggs, customers have reported 80% - 90% hatch rates on average some reports have even had 100% hatch rates. 

Here's what we'll have available in spring 2016. 

Blue, Black and Spalsh, (BBS) Orpington Eggs: $85 per doz. + Shipping

Jubilee Orpington Eggs: $125 per doz. + Shipping