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"Heritage Bred"

Blue, Black and Splash (BBS) Orpingtons

The Blue gene does not breed true, as it is a co-dominant gene. When you breed Blues together they produce all three colors, Black, Blue and Splash. This is because Blues carry 1 copy of the dilution gene. When Blues are bred together since they have just 1 copy of the dilution gene that gene can go in three directions. It could pair up with another dilution gene which would produce a bird with 2 copies of that gene which would result in a Splash bird or it can go the complete opposite way and cancel out the dilution gene and produce a bird with no copies of that gene resulting in a Black bird. But about 50% of the time the gene will remain the same and produce birds with just 1 copy of the dilution gene resulting in more Blue birds.

Here is a BBS color breeding chart:

- Black x Black = 100% Black
- Black x Blue = 50% Black, 50% Blue
- Black x Splash = 100% Blue
- Blue x Blue = 25% Black, 50% Blue, 25% Splash
- Blue x Splash = 50% Blue, 50% Splash
- Splash x Splash = 100% Splash